Fish Gelatin

FIT is the North American distributor of Badatz kosher certified Jiliding fish gelatin. This certification is accepted by all mainstream kosher organizations such as OU, Kof-K, Star-K, OK, and is acceptable for Passover use. The gelatin is made exclusively from tilapia scales in a dedicated kosher facility. We offer a variety of gel strengths from 200 to 280 Bloom and particle size 8 mesh to 60 mesh. The gelatin is packed in 20 Kg cardboard drums or special 2 Kg mini packs. In addition, we offer kosher fish collagen hydrolysate.  

Orders placed before 5 pm can usually be shipped out from our fully stocked warehouse in Pottstown, PA by the next business day. Click the links below for the gelatin that we keep in stock, along with the spec sheet. 

Order Fish Gelatin

  • Badatz kosher certified
  • 250 Bloom
  • 40 mesh
  • $15 (flat rate) shipping